​The following questions and answers address some of the most common concerns that residents, businesses and others in the community have about the Business 40 improvements project.

To view the answer to a question, simply click on the question. If your question is not addressed here, please contact a member of the project team.

Who was hired to construct the Business 40 project?

In August 2016, the Design-Build (D-B) Team of Flatiron/Blythe Development and HDR were hired to finish the final design and construct the 1.2-mile section of Business 40, which includes:

  • Reconstruction of the roadway, 9 vehicular bridges and 2 pedestrian bridges;
  • Build portions of a Multi-Use Path from Lockland Avenue to Liberty Street;
  • Begin construction with Peters Creek Parkway interchange in Fall 2017;
  • Close Business 40 from Peters Creek Parkway to US 52 to work on the remaining project.

Click here to read the press release on the hiring of the D-B Team.

When will the construction begin and when will Business 40 actually close?

The design and right-of-way acquisition for the entire project will begin in Summer 2017, with construction of Peters Creek Parkway in Fall 2017. Intersection improvements at Peters Creek Parkway and Academy Street and the widening of MLK Jr. Drive/Eighth Street between Marshall and Trade Streets will begin in Summer 2018.

Only AFTER Peters Creek Parkway and these local improvements are completed will Business 40 close for approximately 20 months. This is less that the 2 years required by NCDOT!

Click here to see the Construction Segment map (scroll to bottom of page) for location and dates. Also, the overall project timeline can be viewed here.

What is the D-B Team doing at this time?
Prior to actual construction, the D-B Team will complete the design for the project and conduct soil testing, preliminary utility relocation and water/sewer work. If any of these efforts will impact drivers, message boards and/or signs will be posted in advance. Also during this time, the D-B Team is preparing a Transportation Management Plan (TMP), which will provide details about how the roads and bridges will be constructed, phased, scheduled and re-opened to traffic, as well as how existing traffic will be “managed” during construction. The TMP will provide the date/length of closures and detour routes.
Will the D-B Team construct the Business 40 project in phases?

Yes. The entire project will be constructed in four construction segments, from A-D, but not necessarily in that order. Click here to see the Construction Segment Map (scroll to bottom of page) for location and dates. Read below for a summary of each segment, and click on each segment for detailed information:

Segment A, Peters Creek Parkway interchange (Fall 2017 – Fall 2018)

  • Replace Fourth Street Bridge.
  • Replace and widen Peters Creek Parkway Bridge.
  • Widen and enhance the ramps at the Peters Creek Parkway interchange.
  • Provide traffic signals at ramp entrances/exits.
  • Widen Peters Creek Parkway from the interchange at Business 40 to First Street (6-lane road and 7-lane bridge).
  • Connect Gregory and Apple Streets.
  • Reconstruct the grade and replace the pavement on Business 40.
  • Peters Creek Parkway will remain partially open during Segment A construction.

Segment B, West of Green Street to East of Cherry Street (Fall 2019 – Summer 2020)

  • Close Business 40 from Peters Creek Parkway to U.S. 52.
  • Construct a pedestrian bridge on Green Street over Business 40.
  • Replace Broad Street Bridge and remove ramps to/from Business 40.
  • Shorten the bridge on Business 40 over Brookstown Avenue (note that Brookstown Avenue will continue to go under Business 40).
  • Modify High Street ramp.
  • Remove Spruce Street Bridge.
  • Replace the Marshall and Cherry Street bridges and modify ramps to create a new interchange using both streets.
  • Reconstruct the grade and replace the pavement on Business 40.

Segment C, West of The Strollway to East of Church Street (Fall 2018 – Fall 2019

  • Keep Business 40 closed from Peters Creek Parkway to U.S. 52.
  • Construct a Pedestrian Land Bridge (The Strollway) over Business 40.
  • Replace Liberty, Main and Church Street bridges and modify ramps on Main and Church Streets while removing ramps on Liberty Street.
  • Construct Liberty Street Bridge over Business 40 (currently goes under).
  • Reconstruct the grade and replace the pavement on Business 40
  • Once this segment is complete, Business 40 will reopen to traffic from Main Street east to US 52.

Segment D, MLK Jr. Drive/Eighth Street and Academy Street (Summer 2018 – Fall 2018)

  • Widen Martin Luther King Jr. Drive / Eighth Street between Marshall and Trade streets.
  • Improve the intersection at Peters Creek Parkway and Academy Street.
  • Build temporary improvements at various intersections in downtown to better handle detoured traffic (mostly left turn lanes).
  • Conduct limited work on Business 40 to prepare for its closure.
Why can’t Segment B remain open while construction is occurring on Segment C, and vice versa?

The closure of Segments B and C for the 20+ months allows the D-B Team to construct/reconstruct drainage facilities and utilities, remove the existing pavement, re-grade the roadway for the new pavement, construct the all the new retaining walls and replace the existing bridges in the shortest time possible. Allowing Segment B to remain open would mean no work could occur in Segment B, which would add a significant amount of time to the construction schedule thus requiring a longer full closure.

Also noteworthy is that once Segment C is complete in Fall 2019, Business 40 will reopen to traffic from Main Street east to US 52. The remaining section of Business 40 will not re-open until Summer 2020. Click here to view a graphic of the closure dates.

What will be different on the “new” Business 40 from what is currently there today?

The "new" Business 40 will incorporate many improvements, including all new pavement, improved ramps, new shoulders, a complete reconstruction of Peters Creek Parkway interchange and a new interchange configuration at Cherry and Marshall Streets. All improvements are shown on the new Business 40 map (scroll to bottom of page) and on this video, with the details noted below:

  • Replacement of 4th Street bridge
  • Replace and widen Peters Creek Parkway Bridge
  • Remove Eastbound slip ramp on Peters Creek Parkway
  • Connect Gregory and Apple Streets
  • Replace Green Street Bridge with a pedestrian bridge
  • Remove Broad Street ramps
  • Remove Spruce Street Bridge
  • Modify interchange ramps at Cherry/Marshall Streets
  • Construct Liberty Street Bridge over Business 40
  • Construct The Strollway Pedestrian Bridge over Business 40 and relocate existing sections of The Strollway impacted by the project
  • Replace Broad, Marshall, Cherry, Main, and Church Street bridges
  • Remove access to Liberty Street
  • Modify interchange ramps at Main Street
How many bridges will be replaced?

​A total of 11 bridges will be replaced, with one bridge being eliminated (Spruce Street Bridge), as follows:

  • Peters Creek Parkway – will be completely reconstructed to operate as a full interchange when completed.
  • Green Street Bridge – will be constructed as a pedestrian bridge, as well as carry the City’s utilities.
  • 4th Street, Broad Street, Marshall Street, Cherry Street, Liberty Street, Main Street and Church Street bridges will be replaced. The new Liberty Street Bridge will go OVER Business 40 rather than UNDER Business 40 as it currently does.
  • Spruce Street Bridge will be removed, with Spruce Street ending at a cul-de-sac just north of Business 40.
  • A new shorter bridge on Business 40 will be constructed over Brookstown Avenue.
  • A new Strollway Pedestrian Bridge will be constructed OVER Business 40.
Will the bridges reopen after they are constructed, or do we have to wait for all bridges to be complete before they are reopened?
It is proposed that the bridges will reopen after they are completed. However, there will be one exception in Segment C. After Segment C is completed in the Fall 2019, ONLY the section of Business 40 from Main Street to U.S. 52 will reopen. The remaining section of Business 40 (Peters Creek Parkway to Main Street) will reopen in Summer 2020.
Will the bridges have different design elements than current bridges?

Yes, due to the coordinated efforts of NCDOTs Bridge Design Working Group, the City of Winston Salem and Creative Corridors Coalition, all vehicular bridges will incorporate design features that showcase the architecture representative of our city’s heritage. Arched openings, brick features, colorful rails and accommodations for future artwork will be included in/on the bridges, retaining walls and noise walls.

The Green Street Pedestrian Bridge and The Strollway Land Bridge will also include significant design enhancements, including overhead arches, lighting and indigenous flora.

Click here to view the presentation that includes conceptual images of the various vehicular and pedestrian bridges along Business 40.

During the closure, how will traffic be re-routed into downtown AND when will we know the detour routes?

​At this time, about half of the traffic passing through Winston-Salem will be detoured to I-40. The other traffic (i.e., daily commuter) traveling into and out of downtown will be diverted to local roads in and around downtown. Those routes will be identified by the D-B Team well in advance and noticed on message boards, via social media and news media. The Transportation Management Plan will also detail how traffic will be routed during construction.

In the meantime, drivers can get a sense of which roads will be available to use during construction by clicking here to view the Available Roads maps within the presentation. Take a look at the maps and select a few routes that you could use. Try them now to determine travel time, knowing that there will be more traffic on these roads, particularly during peak hours of the day, once construction begins. It’s never too early to prepare!

Also note that several intersections in the downtown area will be temporarily modified during Business 40 construction, primarily by adding a left turn lane. These temporary improvements (also shown in the presentation) will be evaluated after the Business 40 project is completed to determine if they will remain, or returned to their pre-project operations.

Will there be a mobile app. that drivers can use to learn of traffic congestion, accidents and traffic flow?

While there will not be a specific mobile app., NCDOT has developed a solid communications network with several navigational companies, including WAZE and HERE, to provide information on Business 40 construction, detours, closures, and major congestion due to incidents and/or construction zones. These companies provide information via mobile apps., as well as through the navigation systems that are found in vehicles.

NCDOT does not want to limit the public’s source(s) of information, nor be exclusive to, one navigational app., therefore, they are working with several companies to ensure concise and real time-sharing of information.

Will there be portable or permanent signage directing travelers where to go?
Yes. NCDOT will place portable (movable) signs on I-40 and other major roads during construction to direct drivers to alternate routes if an incident occurs or if a special situation arises during the day. New, permanent signs will also be placed at exits along Business 40 directing drivers along the best route to major destinations. Further, in coordination with the City and Downtown Winston Salem Partnership, additional “wayfinding” signs will be located throughout downtown to identify the location of government facilities, popular destinations and attractions after the Business 40 project is completed.
How will NCDOT ensure that I can still reach businesses and, if I work downtown, that my commute is not longer?
NCDOT has been in continuous coordination and discussions with major stakeholders that will be greatly impacted by the closure, including downtown businesses, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Winston Salem Transit Authority (WSTA), Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART), WS Police and Fire Departments, Visit Winston Salem and Winston Salem Forsyth County Schools (WSFCS), among others. NCDOT will do everything possible to minimize impacts to their operations, including giving them as much lead time as possible to make route changes to emergency vehicles and buses. However, NCDOT cannot ensure that commutes will remain the same due to the nature of the construction. Therefore, commuters (employees and patrons) should allow extra time to reach their destination (see link in Question 10 for a map of available roads). NCDOT will do whatever is needed to make the construction and closure go as smoothly as possible for those that visit as well as work in the downtown area.
What happens if/when an accident occurs on a detour road during the closure? How will NCDOT handle the accident?

NCDOT has been meeting with the various agencies generally involved when an accident occurs, including Police, Fire, EMS, WS/FC Office of Emergency management, among others, to remove/clear accidents quickly. Currently, towing companies work on a rotation, which may not always be “time efficient”. Therefore, NCDOT will most likely contract with one or two towing company(ies) to ensure quick removal of vehicles.

As part of the project, NCDOT and other agencies are working together to develop an Incident Management Plan that will identify how incidents (accidents) are handled during construction. This will include everything from portable signage to coordination with police, fire and towing companies to expedite removal of vehicles involved in an accident. This is a very critical component of the project during the closure of Business 40!

And last but not least, NCDOT made sure that no other roadway projects that could affect this project are scheduled for construction during the Business 40 closure. In other words, there will be no major roadway construction projects going on at the same time as the closure.

Will the transit (bus) agencies provide more routes and/or park n’ ride lots?

​Yes. The Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART) is taking the lead on identifying “mitigation” strategies to help lessen the pain during the closure. Mitigation means, “the act of reducing a loss by minimizing the potential impact”. Since 2015, PART has been meeting consistently with NCDOT, the City of Winston Salem, WSTA, and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), to identify and develop strategies that will help minimize congestion, provide alternative routes, and provide convenient, affordable options to driving.

To organize this effort, three subcommittees were formed (Marketing and Communications, Incentives and Operations). All three subcommittees were tasked with identifying, prioritizing and costing strategies in their area of expertise that will be included in a Mitigation Plan for approval and funding by FHWA. Examples of each subcommittees’ strategies are listed below:

  • Marketing and Communication
          Central Regional Call Center
          Hire agency for media buys, design commercials, messaging
          Create interactive transit map for real time info.
  • Incentives
          Dynamic carpool and vanpool rides
          GoPass for free ride program to qualified employers
          First Mile/Last Mile options
  • Operation
          Park and Ride/Shuttle Collection Points
          Additional Cameras
          Incident Management Partnerships with Quick Tow Program

Once approved, it is intended that these strategies will be implemented prior to the Business 40 closure.


When will the project be completed?

While various segments of the project will be completed between Fall 2019 and Summer 2020, Business 40 will re-open completely in Summer 2020. Click here to view the timeline of the construction and closure.

The first Segment A, which includes the reconstruction of the Peters Creek Parkway interchange, will remain open during construction to allow traffic to continue using the roadway. Also mentioned earlier in Question 7, the bridges over Business 40 will reopen after they are completed.

After Business 40 reopens in Summer 2020, there may still be some local road improvements being completed; however, impacts will be minimal.

How much does the project cost?

The D-B Team was awarded $99M to complete the entire project. About 80% of the project is being funded using federal funds, with the remaining 20% coming from State and local funds. Additional funds for road and bridge enhancements, as well as the Multi-Use Path, will come from the City of Winston Salem (City), Winston-Salem Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and Creative Corridors Coalition (CCC), as shown below:

  • City - $3,735,000
  • MPO - $2,939,082
  • CCC - $3,122,400
Is there assistance available for businesses to help them prepare for the closure?

Yes. Small business owners can contact NCDOT’s Business 40 Liaison, Ms. Cassandra Herndon, at 336-747-7833 or cherndon@business40nc.com. Cassandra will assist your business with identifying and securing resources, technical assistance, as well as share project information.

Mid- to large-size businesses that would like a presentation about the project can contact NCDOT Consultant, Karen Simon or Amy Hubbard at Simon Resources, 336-749-1411 or simonresrc@gmail.com. A presentation about the project will be scheduled at your convenience with time allowed to discuss your needs and concerns as the project moves towards construction.

The Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Winston Salem Partnership are also great resources for information and have teamed with the City to develop and implement a Marketing and Communications Plan during the construction and closure. Their goal is to make sure the public knows that "Downtown is Open for Business as Usual".

How will you inform the public of upcoming construction, bridge/road closures, detours, etc.?

There are several ways to provide information, including real time and static, as shown below:

Real Time:

  • WAZE app.
  • Twitter: @NCDOT_Triad #Biz40NC
  • Direct Project Phone: 336-747-7800 (NCDOT’s Division 9 office)

Static with regular updates: Project web site: www.business40nc.com
Project Email: business40@business40nc.com
Local Newspapers, News Stations and Radio

NCDOT Communications will work closely with the media to ensure that all information about closures, construction, detours and route changes are quickly and correctly communicated to the public.

WE are here to assist YOU! So please don’t hesitate to “Contact Us” for any questions or comments you may have!

When will the new name for Business 40 appear on signs?

Once Business 40 is completed, the new name, Salem Parkway, will take effect. However, prior of the reopening of Business 40, the D-B Team will be updating and/or replacing the signage on the entire length of Business 40 from Clemmons to Guilford County.

Conceptual rendering of modernized Business 40 through downtown Winston-Salem